'Strapped for cash'

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  1. rubytoos New Member

    cash-strapped parents look at options

    I've looked at a few options and want to keep the 'colloquial-ness' of 'strapped for cash'.
    maybe: родители, "которые борються с деньгами"

    any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    Who struggle against money? Can you explain what exactly you mean? The idiom "to be strapped for cash" is usually translated as быть без гроша (в кармане).
  3. rubytoos New Member

    the parents are the ones struggling with money - in english we say 'struggle with money'.

    but I think I was translating a bit too literally!
  4. Maroseika Moderator

    Unfortunately, literal translation in this case has no sense. So, colloquial expression is быть без гроша, but I'm not sure this is what you need. Maybe испытавать денежные затруднение, сидеть без денег, бедствовать, быть на мели...
    Can you provide a wider context?
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  5. Mete0rka New Member

    Russian and Ukrainian
    Excuse me, there are some mistakes in the russian spelling - испытЫвать денежные затруднениЯ. And I would translate the whole phrase as родители,испытывающие денежные затруднения,/бедствующие родители ищут/рассмастивают варианты
  6. Maroseika Moderator

    Yes, thanks, silly typo. And quite infectious...
  7. Sobakus Senior Member

    To struggle with cash не подразумевает активных поисков вариантов.
  8. rubytoos New Member

    Благодарю вас всех! очень полезно. :)

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