Strass, paste,rhinestone


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Hello everybody,
I wanted to describe a dress which was decorated with strasses(pieces of glass that are used in jewellery to look like valuable stones).
While I was seaching for this word I found three words(Strass, paste,rhinestone).
My question: Are there any difference in usage?
Thanks in advance
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    Yes, rhinestone is the word most recognized.

    Paste means the same thing, but is not so widely recognized. As Aidenriley indicates, most people will think of the adhesive we call paste. Here is a previous thread on "paste" meaning cheap jewelry: paste rings.

    Strass was the name of a well-known manufacturer, and so came to be used to refer to the jewelry he made. I didn't recognize it, myself, and had to look it up. I suspect it is the least well-known term.