• Rob625 said:
    I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on what "stravolto" means.
    I understand its basic meaning to be "overturned, upset, revoultionized" (what the French call "bouleversé").

    Some examples:

    Berlusconi ha stravolto tutte le regole democratiche
    Berlusconi has overturned all the rules of democracy

    Madonna ha scandalizzato l'America e ha stravolto le regole della musica
    Madonna has scandalized America and overturned the rules of music

    L'eccezione che ha stravolto le regole
    The exception which overturned the rules

    L'energia elettrica ha rivoluzionato la nostra vita, ha stravolto le nostre abitudini quotidiane
    Electric power has revolutionized our lives and transformed our daily habits

    Ha stravolto tutti i canoni
    He's upset every canon ("broken every rule in the book")

    Come la modernità ha stravolto il West
    Just as modernity has revolutionized the western

    Bush ha stravolto le idee che erano alla base del paese
    Bush has overturned the country's most basic ideas

    Talking of Bush, it can also -- I suspect by an extension of the "changed = destroyed" sense -- mean "bushed, knackered, shattered, all in, etc."

    Vado a letto; sono stravolto
    I'm off to bed; I'm exhausted