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    Can anyone provide me the correct translation of this sentece:

    "When configuring the BI Interface for installation on two separate databases, the installation assumes that the target DB exists, but that the streams DB users and the second target DB user do not exist."

    I have troubles with the word streams. I cannot understand the concept - as Im not an expert in the field; and I cannot neither find an equivalent in spanish.

    Thanks to everyone!
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    I agree with Biffo.
    You can leave the word as it is. But my suggestion is also 'flujo'. Take your decision :)
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    Perhaps I can help you with understanding streams. A stream in computer lingo is a stream of data. Here is a wiki page on streams. Suppose I open a terminal on my system and I start typing. I have opened a stream called "stdin", standard input. I type and my keystrokes are converted to a stream a data that is sent to the operating system. The operating system interprets this stream of data (my keystrokes) and sends another stream of data back to my screen. This stream is called "stdout", standard output. I see a sequence of letters on my screen. These are two streams, stdin and stdout.

    So, streams are just sequences of data created for the purposes of communication. On some systems, the operating system communicates with devices, applications, users, etc. via streams (of data) and those things communicate with the operating system (and each other) via other streams of data. Your databases communicate with each other, and with users, via streams. As I read it, what your sentence is saying is this: When you set up the interface between the two data bases, the installation assumes that there are no streams available for any users. This is just another way of saying that the installation assumes that the data bases are not in use--there are no user streams--when the interface is set up. "streams DB users and the second target DB user" = "DB users streams" and "target DB user(s) stream(s)".

    Hope that helps.

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