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Discussion in 'English Only' started by $orceress, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. $orceress Member

    mahiwagang mundo ng Pilipinas
    philippines-spanish, tagalog, chavacano, bisaya, tausug, english
    what do these words mean and how did they evolve to this? i belive these are english words used as a "slang" word by blacks in the states. correct me if i'm wrong ok?

    peace out!
    word! or word up!
    diss' (it)..(i'm not sure of the spelling)

    and if you know any other "slang words", it could really help if you could share them so that we could all be informed..

  2. Kansas Girl Member

    USA -- English
    These words are common among alot of young people
  3. garryknight Senior Member

    Kent, UK
    UK, English
    I heard (or read) that "dis" (or "diss") means "disrespect".

    I wonder if you might get more replies if you also posted this question in the English Only forum.
  4. $orceress Member

    mahiwagang mundo ng Pilipinas
    philippines-spanish, tagalog, chavacano, bisaya, tausug, english
    thanks kansas helped a lot!
    i thought that this was related to cultural issues..ok, i'm gonna post it in that forum
  5. BasedowLives

    BasedowLives Senior Member

    and also, these slang words are very specific to a certain socioeconomic sector.

    the mtv generation.

    but to continue

    aight = ok
    fo sho = i agree
    straight up = blatently
    hella = very

    throw in a good fuck here and there to make yourself sound really ghetto..

    aight, fo fuckin sho he straight up dipped in my kool aide without knowin the flava! = he blatantly got in my business without knowing the pretext

    remember, it sounds "hella" uneducated
  6. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

    Maine, EEUU
    Be aware that "straight up" is a slang term that's been in use more many decades, and with a variety of meanings. For Jazz musicians and listeners, 'straight up' and 'straight ahead' mean something alongs the lines of 'with a driving beat and familiar chords'. That's nothing like blatently.

    Also, many of the terms you cite are used more widely than the black community or the mtv generation. "Chill" in particular is of very widespread use.

  7. shamar Member

    in our language,we also have those "salitang kanto"such as:

    CHADDA= pretty/handsome/nice
    CHA=pet/nick name (specifically for girls) you dont know

    i hope i was able to help......
  8. xxBellaBambinaxx Member

    diss is to disrespect someone or make a remark that is meant to be insulting;
    word, or word up is to agree or agree strongly on something.
  9. luckyluke75 New Member

    Turin (North-West Italy)
    Italian - Italy
    These are American urban slang terms (black slang):
    Here some meanings heard in Essex (UK) where I met a black guy from NYC.
    Hope to help you, bye.

    holla! : ( An exclamation of greeting, what's up? It's a term used to talk and to try an hook-up with a girl).
    (holler! : to let out a holla: to scream)
    peace out! (See you later or fuck off, or to leave/retire or good-bye)
    chill! ( Calm down! or Relax!
    word! or word up! (Yes, that's right! or another way to say Damn right! A sort of greeting or it means 'Well said').
    diss' ( a short version of disrespect).
  10. malaka_malaka Member

    United States
    Ingles de Nueva Jersey
    hello, i'm american and sorry to luckyluke but he's kinda wrong. These are all common words i use normally, and these are not words used by "black people" lol. you would hear "holla" and "diss" from a black person commonly probably but also from a white person.

    holla: from holler (to yell), as in "holla back at me," kinda like get back to me. Basically, talk to me again.
    peace out: a very friendly way of saying good-bye. popularized by the hippies. Think of it as like saying sending out peace. DEFINANTLY NOT "fuck off"
    chill: calm down, relax! pretty much luckyluke was right on this one.
    ALSO, if something is chill, that means its cool. commonly used when referring to a person too. to chill also means to hang out.
    word/word up!: this is a slang phrase that originated out of the 90s (maybe 80s, correct me if im wrong :p). I've never been able to think of a good translation to this word, or any for that fact. You could say it after someone says something if its cool, if its deep, if its bad, or if its cool; as a response.

    Hope i helped :)
    and by the way these phrases are not all phrases are black. Holla and diss were originally from african american slang, but entered mainstream slang. Peace out and word are definantly white slang. I think some black people might say word but im unsure.
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  11. panjandrum

    panjandrum Occasional Moderator

    Belfast, Ireland
    English-Ireland (top end)
    A thread from the days before general chit-chat and lists of terms were written out of the forum scope.
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