Strength and perseverance


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Hello, I´m writing my grandmother´s memorial plate, and I´d like to write in her language (Hungarian) these words: "Strength and Perseverance".
Thanks for your help.
  • Orreaga

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    You have my condolences. I would suggest:

    szilárdság és kitartás

    but wait for a native speaker for confirmation!


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    A more precise version would be:

    Erő és Állhatatosság

    Erő és Kitartás would also be ok, but the first one is more expressive to me.

    Y yo también te acompaño en el sentimiento


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    I agree that Erő és Állhatatosság sound OK (even if not really natural in Hungarian, sounds more like a political party slogan...) but I am not sure about the use of the capitals like this.
    I think it would probably be safer to have all in capital letters.


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    Venezuela, Espanol
    Thank you all for your help and even more for your support and kindness.