Stretch/Run the length

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Cantonese, Hong Kong
The shop was pleasantly situated on a street corner. Our long, side wall featured a line of French doors. Stretching the length of the first floor, the doors paralleled a quiet, residential side street with sidewalks wide enough to use for outside seating in good weather.

...... Like all alleys, ours was a gloomy strip of unadorned concrete that ran the length of the building. We kept our Dumpster back here, which was emptied twice a week by a private hauling company.

Decaffeinated Corpse p.19

Hi, Do "run/stretch the length" share the same meaning? Are they interchangeable? Can I use "Running the length of the first floor...."? Looking forward to your reply.
  • Toadie

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    Yes, both work fine in either situation. It's just a matter of what sounds best to you!

    You can also use "spanning", among other words.


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    Both phrases are the same, but I think running the length sounds better. Of course, as Toadie pointed out, it's a matter or personal preference.
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