stretta al cuore

  • Certo, ho guardato! E ho trovato feel a pang, ma poi ne ho parlato con alcuni miei amici qui dove vivo e a loro non sembrava una buona soluzione! Cercavo qualche altro modo di dirlo...... grazie, comunque


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    In that case, ice hockey, I suggest you give us some sentences in which the phrase you cite is used.

    Because other dictionaries translate it that way too, and if that's not the right meaning, we need something else to go on :).


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    I would like to know how you would translate: "ho una stretta al cuore!" when it conveys a mixture of pain and fear.
    Thank you!!
    Here is my suggestion" I know I souldd use Italian. :)

    Well how would . . . "pulling on my heart strings . . . . .cuore being heart ! or Tugging at my heart strings.

    Thanks everybody!

    "ho una stretta al cuore" is a phrase a guy said at an audition. After finishing playing the piano the director of the board examining him menaced to throw him out because he dared playing something very unusual for that kind of audition.... so I Interpreted this reaction "ho una stretta al cuore" as a mixture of pain (He had been hurt) and fear (they might throw him out). Does it help to make it clearer?

    Thanks again
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