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can somebody help me with these questions? Please do not mind if it is silly.

if a bull strikes at you, how do you say:

is it - a bull horned me ? or a bull struck me?

if a bird strikes at you, how do you say

is it - a bird pecked me? or a bird struck me?

Thanks in advance.
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    Hello, samujohn.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    This is not a silly question, but it doesn't have a simple answer.

    The words we use will depend on the animal and the way they attack.
    For instance, if a bull stuck you with his horns, we say the bull 'gored' you.

    If a bird hit you with its beak, we say the bird 'pecked' you -- just as you said.

    If you want to ask about different animals, you will have to ask about each animal in a separate thread. Also, explain what you imagine the animal doing.


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    Thanks Cagey for your detailed explanation. To explain in detail what I experienced, when I was walking my dog, a stray cattle started to chase us and tried to stick his horns on to my dog (not sure why ;)) which I wanted to tell my son, I didn't know how to explain him. I heard some say the same as "the cow tried to horn me".

    Next is the bird pecking. I am clear with it.

    Thanks again.
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