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Chile, español
Hello everyone! I'm a teacher of English and I need to translate into spanish a sentence from a song by Bon Jovi (Livin' on a prayer) which says:

"Tommy got his six string in hock"

How would you translate it??

I'd say: "Tommy tiene sus seis cuerdas empeñadas" or something like that,
but it actually doesn't make too much sense fo me. I don't know about you.

Thanks a lot!

ps: Another doubt is that I've heard the song a lot lately, and I'm quite sure
it says: "...six string" (without the "s" for plural) and not "...six strings" (as I
think it should be)

  • ajo fresco

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    "6 string" is a slang term for guitar and "in hock" means he sold it to a pawn shop.

    Basically, it means Tommy's guitar is in the pawn shop.

    Maybe something like "Tommy se empeñó la guitarra"... (I'm not sure if it takes a reflexive verb)

    The reason it's 6-string (not plural) is because it's a short way of saying "6-string guitar." (The same thing is said of a 12-string.)

    I hope that helps. :)
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    Chile, español
    It's correct, though it would be better if you say in spanish: "Tommy

    empeñó su guitarra"
    'cause "Tommy se empeñó la guitarra" sounds a

    little weird, but it's okay anyway, it's completely understandable.

    Bye and thanks again!
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