string is sturdy flimsy

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  • dojibear

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    "Sturdy string" seems reasonable to me.

    Can I also say the "string is flimsy" if it is not sturdy ?
    I have two problems with that.

    1. I wouldn't say "anything not sturdy is flimsy". There is a huge middle ground between "sturdy" and "flimsy".

    2. I am not sure "flimsy" can be used with string. It is commonly used about paper and fabric. It is used about "things which are contructed" out of wood or cardboard or other light materials.
    I think in this context where the string is being described as sturdy, it implies "strong and substantial" within itself and also in how it is expertly and firmly mounted and attached at its both ends to the bow.

    It is taut just to the right degree so that it is flexibly functional.

    If something is not taut, it is slack or loose.

    So perhaps one could say the string is slack or loosely mounted.
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