strip away the ability

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'Maybe it is the struggles that surround dating and relationships when it comes to people with autism spectrum disorders that propagate the myth that people on the spectrum are somehow loveless. Often it is believed that they lack the ability to be romantically involved with another person. To arrive at this, one strips away the entire ability to relate to another person on a romantic level, and this can almost be construed as offensive.' (Luke Jackson 'Sex, drugs and Asperger's Syndrome')

What does 'strip away' mean here? Something like use?
  • Juhasz

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    It simply means removes.

    Editorial note: I find this writing needlessly complex. The author seems reluctant to name the subject of his sentences. Ex: "Often it is believed [by whom?]...To arrive at this, one [which one? One of the "its" that believe this?] strips away the entire ability to relate [I'm fairly certain he means, strips the ability away from autistic people, but this is only an inference]." If you're able to keep track of who's doing what to whom in this writing, your English is strong.

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