stripped to the bone


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Hi everyone, so i've got to translate this sentence in french :
"In order to achieve this swiftly, the government must be stripped to the bone."

It's a quote from Higashi no Eden anime, where the main plot is about politic and terrorism.

Would that be something like : "Afin d'accomplir cela rapidement, le gouvernement doit se défaire de toute part" ?
I don't really know how to translate stripped to the bone.

Thanks for reading me :mad:].
  • Stripped to the bone usually means "reduced to the bare minimum". So here, if the bloated government had, say, 55 ministers, they might sack 20 of them and keep just the minimum number needed. More context might suggest another meaning.
    Well the context is simple, there are 12 characters, they received 10 billions yen to use as they wish to make a better Japan, and one of those 12 characters say that to another one :
    "Lorsque Ato m'a demandé la façon dont je comptais dépenser les 10 milliards de yen, je lui ai dit que ce dont necessitait ce pays c'était un régime."

    so i think enquiring mind is right :).