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Italia Italiano

I need help for this sentence!

The context is the following:
A girl is speaking about her colleague Warren. They both work on tv in a politic talk show.

"Warren believes in the show. He can carry it. He...he has a strong back. He doesn't need a foil."

What is "back" referred to? Is it an abbreviation for something, like "background"? Or... the part of the body... or... I don't know!

Thank you in advance!!
  • mjscott

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    It is his back--a part of the body.
    Your "backbone" is used as a symbol for strength in character.
    "Back labor," is often used as a term for physical labor.

    If he has the back to do the job, he doesn't need someone else's face to carry it--(most burdens are carried on the BACK.)

    My father always said to us as we grew up, "Work with your HEAD, not with your BACK!"


    Italia Italiano
    Thank you very much!
    I think I found the best way to translate it thanks to your explanation!
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