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Por favor que alguien me diga el significado y traduccion de: strowger exchanges left.
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    A "Strowger" is a type of switch, and is also called a "crossbar switch." From Wikipedia:

    "...a 'switch' now frequently refers to something which was once called a 'telephone exchange'... Formerly a 'Strowger switch' or a 'crossbar switch' referred to an individual piece of equipment making up part of an exchange."

    At a guess, "Strowger exchanges left" might mean "the Strowger exchanges that still exist/that are left" ? If so, perhaps someone in the Spanish forum can translate it for you.
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    El SR. Strowger inventó la primera central telefónica automática (Strowger exchanges). Lo que no sé es lo que pinta el "left"

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    Assuming it came from the following document:

    . In countries such as the United States and Australia, there are very few Strowger exchanges left, processor-controlled...

    Then the Strowger Exchange is a telephone exchange switching device and the sentence if stating that there are very few remaining.
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