structured jacquard


I can't understand the meaning of "structured jacquard" this context: "Panels of bright, kaleidoscope jacquard add a refined edge to cardigans and summer dresses, while a more structured jacquard is used in tailoring in a distinctive black with flashes of neon orange and a navy complemented by pink and mint."

Can someone please explain what does "structured" here mean?

  • Hello, taniasalha. :)

    It may mean that the jacquard is used to make a more structured (tailored) garment. ("Structured" means that it is shaped by a lot of seams, along with other things to make it hold its shape.) Conceivably it means something about the jacquard itself: perhaps that it is stiff and will hold its shape, as oppose to drape and flow, as a softer fabric does.
    If you look at Google images, you will see that some jacquards are quite regular and 'structured' in pattern, and others are quite flowing, even free form. This interpretation is supported because the contrast is with 'kaleidoscopic'.

    Possibly the first and second what the author means by structured. The third is freer. The fourth is explicitly labeled as 'kaleidoscopic.'