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    I'm reading 'Rules of Love(about friendship)'.

    <When your friend choose to distance themselves from you,
    don't resent tnem for dumping you. It's such a futile emotion,
    and it will screw you uo. I struggle to see how that could
    possibly be a constructive way to go about things.

    Especially when you've had a friend who brought you happiness at least for
    a while.>

    Could you tell me what does this this sentence mean?

    What is the author's intention in this?

    Let me try to understand....

    Not having resenting emotion can be a constructive way
    to solve the problems.

    Am I right?

    If so, what does 'I struggle to see' imply?
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    "I struggle to see" means "I find it hard to understand/I cannot understand".

    Does that help you understand the sentence?
  3. JamesM

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    As I see it, the author is saying:

    If a friend dumps you, don't resent him. It is such a futile emotion; it will cause you pain and distort your sense of things. I have a difficult time imagining ("I struggle to see") how resenting them could be a constructive way to deal with that friend's rejection.
  4. Seelix

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    "I struggle to see how that could possibly be a constructive way to go about things."
    can be simplified in this way: "Resentment will not help you solve your problems."

    It seems to me that the author intends to convey the idea that resenting a friend who has "dumped" you will result in further unhappiness, and that it's best to try not to worry about it.
    I hope I haven't confused you further!

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