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Hello there! I looked up the adjective "strung-out" and the dictionary says it has two meanings:
1) strongly affected by drugs or alcohol and
2) extremely nervous, worried, disturbed.

My question is: do native speakers generally use this adjective to express both meanings? or do you use it only to express that someone is strongly affected by drugs?
I don't want to be given a weird look if I ever say that I'm strung-out, meaning that I'm nervous about something...
  • sdgraham

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    The WRD entry for string lists examples of both uses of this informal expression. Given the increasing intrusion of drugs into our lives, it could indeed have the drug meaning for most people. (Like numerous other expressions have become)

    I'm not sure whether the expression is used by all segments of English-speaking society. (I don't)


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    I hear people say things like "Are you strung out on drugs?" so either the whole phrase (strung out on X) is idiomatic or people think that "strung out" does not automatically mean "on drugs".


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    If I hear that someone's "strung out", I assume that the person is suffering the ill effects of some sort of drug use/abuse. And I wouldn't use the phrase unless I meant to imply that.
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