Stubborn" and "strongheaded

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  1. crisstti

    crisstti Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish

    Is there some difference between "stubborn" and "headstrong"?.


  2. Mafe Dongo Senior Member

    Solo he oido stubborn, nunca strongheaded.
    terco, cabeza dura
    headstrong: obstinado, persistente, intransigente.
    I'm not a native, but I hope it helps.
  3. crisstti

    crisstti Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    I meant "headstrong". Tried to edit it but didn't seem to work...
  4. parknmart

    parknmart Senior Member

    English USA/UK
    This is just my perception. ''Headstrong'' seems a bit more positive and ''stubborn'' more negative.

    Examples: Edison was headstrong and refused to give up on his inventions.

    The boy was too stubborn to apologise eventhough it was his fault.

  5. Limeade Senior Member

    They mean the same thing but like Parknmart stated they have different connotations.

    But you can call someone stubborn. It's not insulting. Some people take it as a compliment.

    Why are you being so stubborn!!!?? Just give in already and lets move on!

    I wouldn't say--Why are you being so headstrong?? It doesn't work as well.

    To be nice you can describe someone as headstrong instead of saying that they are stubborn-- people will know that you are really calling the person stubborn and you are being polite.

    "John is a nice person but at times he can be a bit headstrong"
  6. crisstti

    crisstti Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    Thanks for the answers. I understand it better. :)

    Is it a little weird to use both words?, because I can't remember very well now, but I think I read the word in a description of someone, and it said he was "stubborn" and "headstrong".
  7. Limeade Senior Member

    Yes, you would not use them together. That would be redundant.
  8. aguacate Senior Member

    Seattle, WA
    English, USA
    When I hear stubborn I usually think of someone pulling on a donkey that has his feet planted in the ground and won't budge.

    When I hear headstrong I think of someone who has a look of determination on his face.

    Stubborn is more being resistent to change. Headstrong is more being proactive and not giving up.

    But again, they are still pretty much the same.

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