stubborn jut of jaw

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This is the extract from GoT book by George Martin. What does jut of jaw mean in this sentence? I guess not physical one :D Thanks in advance

Ned ran his fingers through his hair. Any decent master-at-arms could give
Arya the rudiments of slash-and-parry without this nonsense of blindfolds,
cartwheels, and hopping about on one leg, but he knew his youngest daughter well
enough to know there was no arguing with that stubborn jut of jaw. “As you wish,”
he said. Surely she would grow tired of this soon. “Try to be careful.”
  • reno33

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    jut (out) simply means "sticking out" or "pushing out" a part of your body in an aggressive way.

    "stubborn jut of jaw" means her jaw pushed out from her face in a stubborn, aggressive way.
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