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Students ( of both sexes) hang around the verandahs ( corners, corridors, aisles etc) either when the classes are in session or even when the courses are finished.

How do you describe such hanging around, please?
  • SweetSoulSister

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    These are informal ways of describing it. It implies that the kids are having a good/nice time. It doesn't imply anything about whether they are doing something wrong.
    "Hanging around", "Hanging out", "Goofing off"

    If I wanted to describe it more formally, I would say, "The kids are standing (around) in the halls." This has no implication, positive or negative.


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    UK-Wales - English
    If you look in the WR dictionary there are various terms like piddle, slug, lounge around, waste time etc


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    For a slightly more negative term: "loitering".

    Another neutral term: "gathering/gather" or "congregate", both more formal than "hanging out". ("Hanging out" is more commonly heard, though, I think.)