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    I'm reading the short story "From Flores" by "Ethel Wilson" and came across the term "stuff dress". Here is the context: "She [, the Indian woman,] kept her hands wrapped in her stuff dress and looked away or at the child". Has anyone ever heard of a "stuff dress" before? I haven't been able to find it in any dictionaries or image searches (and am not sure if it is a type of dress or simply a description of a dress.. )
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    From our dictionary's definition of stuff:
    3 Brit. dated woollen fabric, especially as distinct from silk, cotton, and linen.

    "Stuff" is the kind of material her dress was made of.
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    Ah, I should have looked more carefully at this dictionary's definitions. I had automatically assumed it would be an adjective (but of course, nouns can act as adjectives too!). Thanks for your answer, Cagey!

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