Stung by Cupid’s arrow. = Erotic or Hydra ???

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In each of the following, read the statement, then circle the word that comes to mind.

1. Stung by Cupid’s arrow.

a. hydra
b. Cassandra
c. erotic (Answer Key)

2. A sumptuous feast.

a. narcissism
b. cornucopia (Answer Key)
c. odyssey

Source: 601 Words you need to know, Fourth Edition, by Murray Bromberg and Julius Liebb, unit 1, lesson 6, Mythology, page 28, Exercises.

I have some doubt about the answer of test 1. In my book it says the answer is (erotic) but in my opinion it is a typo and the answer key should have been (hydra). Because (hydra) was a fabled snake and could be stung by cupid’s arrow. Do you agree with me that the answer should have been (hydra) or not?

Many thanks in dvance.
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    I always think that questions that ask "What comes to mind" cannot be answered incorrectly - they are not asking for a correct answer, just what you are thinking at the time. :)

    However, as far as I am aware, the Hydra was killed by Hercules with a club - I don't remember Cupid having anything to do with it. Cupid is the Roman god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. In Greek mythology he was known as Eros: from the same root as the word "erotic".


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    sb70012, I agree with the book, and think the answer should be (c). Cupid is the god (or an agent) of love, and his arrow has the magical property of filling the heart/mind of the stung individual with passionate love. Hydra and Cassandra do not represent anything that could be associated with cupid or with his agency.
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