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    Hello everybody,
    Quote from Long Time No See from Susan Isaacs :
    But meanwhile, she couldn't believe the real reason the business was slow: because it was a stupnagel moneymaking idea.
    Can someone explain the meaning of the word in bold?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello rolmich. :)

    Many years ago when I was young, my brother and I used to call each other 'stupenagel' with the intended meaning 'stupid'. I had no idea that the word was still around. Even at the time, I wasn't certain that it was a real word, and not one that we had made up.

    From an internet search, I find that "Stülpnagel" is a real German name, and the name of two of Hitler's Generals. I suspect the name was heard as 'Stupenagel' by Americans, and used to mean 'stupid' because of the similarity of sound.

    My brother and I must have heard somewhere or another, though I have no idea where.
  3. rolmich Senior Member

    french (France)
    Thanks Cagey,
    It is really difficult to find a word which sounds more german! But you see, unlike the two Hitler's Generals this expression seems to enjoy a long life. ;)
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    It seems to me, after a little looking around, that shtupnagel is rather coarse: I suspect it is from the Yiddish to push and nagel = nail.

    A shtupnagel is therefore a “pushing-nail” gives:

    shtup (third-person singular simple present shtups, present participle shtupping, simple past and past participle shtupped)
    1. to push
    2. (slang) to have sex

    Thus shtupnagel is something you would push when having sex. It is probably best translated as “prick” = (i) the penis (ii) an idiot/fool/stupid person.

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