stylish red racing lines

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According to wikipedia,( in racing sports, the racing line is the route that must be taken in order to minimize the time taken to complete the course. Does "stylish red racing lines" in the following context have the same meaning?
However, for me the highlight of the trip is when Fritz takes me for a spin in his new Sunbeam Rapier… a sweet little cream-colored convertible with the top down on this warm sunny day.It has stylish red racing lines along the sides and red leather upholstery.
(Quoted from Anthills, Elephants and other Fascinations by Rina Flanagan)

Many thanks!
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    I agree that it refers to the exterior of the convertible, and how it's painted.

    EDIT: The "red leather upholstery" is, however, inside of the convertible. The writing could be misunderstood there.
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