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India-Local dialect
I want to describe these two characters:

1.Mrs.M, 41 years old, spends a lot of money on the latesth make-up, perfume, clothing, jewllery etc., and spends a lot of time also in preparing her looks; she does not hold babies for fear of her clothing being soiled; her wallet is loaded with grooming stuff; she craves for others' approval of her looks;

1.Mr.Y, 22 years old, looks at his face in the mirror many times in an hour, spends time and money on latest clothing, watch, hairdressing, bike and so on and to gain the approval of his friends, he splurges money on entertaining them. He checks on the cleanliness of the furniture before he sits on it; he smokes the best brands of cigarettes.
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    India-Local dialect
    I am not sure if they can be called 'stylish'. I ofter hear 'hip' and 'chic'. I don't know if they fit here. I look for a more appropriate word. Thanks DIMCL, anyway.
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