sušené mléko / mléko v prášku

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by Riveritos, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Riveritos Senior Member

    What is the difference between sušené mléko and mléko v prášku?
    If I'm talking about powdered milk as an ingredient of cakes, which term is more appropriate?
    Thank you
  2. panzorzka.uli Member

    sušené mléko sounds more natural to me. I would use mléko v prášku in case you need to specify it with an adjective - kozí mléko v prášku, sušené odtučněné mléko v prášku etc. In a recipe I would suggest sušené mléko. But his is just how I feel the difference, maybe others will provide you with better explanations :)
  3. Janulka Senior Member

    For me the same, I understand both, but I would probably use sušené mléko more often... :)
  4. Riveritos Senior Member

    Thank you for your explanation. But now I'm wondering why do you need to specify sušené odtučněné mléko v prášku is it not clear that it is powdered when you use the word sušené in this case?
  5. werrr Senior Member

    No, strictly speaking sušené mléko (dried milk) needn't be in the form of powder (mléko v prášku = powdered milk), it could be paste for example. But the difference is irrelevant from the practical point of view.

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