Su comida/comidas favoritas son

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    Hola a todos,

    Can you say "Sus comidas favoritas son la pizza, las hamburguesas y las papa fritas." Or would it be "Su comida favoritas son la pizza, las hamburguesas y las papa fritas." Someone mention to me that "Comida" is a collective noun, (noun is taken together and spoken of as one whole, or in singular form). Is this true?

    Mil gracias por sus comentarios.

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    Sus comidas favoritas son... :tick:
    Su comida favorita es... (la pizza, por ejemplo) :tick:
    Su comida favoritas son... :cross:

    Comida can be a collective noun (ej: La comida y el agua son cosas que necesitamos para sobrevivir / Food and water are things we need to survive) but it also can be used to denote a particular dish: in this sense it can be either singular (one dish) or plural (several dishes).
    Your sentence was wrong because it didn't respect number concord (concordancia de número; no sé si se expresa así en inglés, sorry).

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    if comida has an 's' on it, then favorita will have an 's' on it too. If comida has no 's', then favorita has no 's'.
    It's like the word 'gente'. Literally, it means people. So you would think it would be plural. But gente in a Spanish sentence is treated as singular. That's why it's 'la gente'. Or, 'gente fastidiosa', or 'gente humilde'... etc etc.
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    I would say it's probably similar to food and foods. You would say "la comida está preparada" to mean "the food/lunch is ready", but in this context, you could definitely say "comidas" to mean his favourite foods.
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    Mil gracias for your all your responses, which have greatly helped!!!

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