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    How does one differentiate whether "su" indicates possession by a third party (i.e. "his" or "hers), or whether it indicates possession of the person to whom the statement is directed (i.e. "your") in the absence of any context.


    "Mi casa es su casa"

    Obviously, If I walked up to a friend and said this, the context would most likely indicate the meaning to be "My house is your house", but how does one know for sure?

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    It´s not so difficult to differentiate it. When you talk to a friend about his/her house, you would say "mi casa es TU casa", because "su" is only used in a formal context.
    If you are speakin with your boss you would say "su coche está esperando" (YOUR car is waiting)

    The context is everything in these cases.
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    That doesn't happen in Spain, as we differentiate between "tú" and "usted" which is just used in many cases.

    On the other hand you can find out the meaning by context, if someone's talking directly to you as "usted (su)", its because that person is refering to you.
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    Well in fact this structure can be ambiguous, particularly for foreigners. There is a way to specify the person you are referring to: vamos a la casa de ella, le presté el libro de usted, etc.
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    Thank you very much.

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