Subbing the greyhound results



Could you please explain the meaning of subbing the greyhound results? Thank you!! :)

Context: a newspaper is trying to find evidence in a murder investigation but they can't find anything.

A: << Excesive quotation deleted >>
She's got Helen and Dan to bounce off. And Pete's better infantry than you give him credit for.

B: Don't tell me how to rearrange my staff. And if you don't fancy subbing the greyhound
results, start looking for another job. << Deleted >>

Source: State of Play - 1x03 (BBC drama/thriller)
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  • Keith Bradford

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    To sub = to sub-edit. Sub-editing is a job in a newspaper office which consists of proofreading a journalist's story and shortening it if necessary to fit the space available. To sub-edit the greyhound results (which greyhound won each race, and the betting odds on them) would be the most boring and lowly job in the office.


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    subbing the greyhound results = "... being removed from the investigation and, instead, doing the job of sub-editing the dog-racing results..."