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Hey guys! Can you please help me choose the correct answer?
1. His grandchildren shouted at his neighbour that they wished he ... (a) stop drawing the curtain aside to see what... (b) going on, and the grandson drew the granddaughter aside confessing her he wished they ...(c) not have that man in their house again.
a. Will, might or would?
b. Was, is or has been?
c. Will, would or might?

2. The reprobate would rather his daughter... not draw away from the policeman's embrace.
-Would, did or will?

3. The nudist wishes he ... (a) off as soon as the visitors had started drawing their socks in order to bathe their sore feet, as they... (b) for two days when they reached the seashore .
a. Had not drawn, would not have drawn or would not draw?
b. Were walking, walked or had been walking?

4. The envoy wished the marksman...always draw on his leather gloves before he picked up his bow.
-Will not, did not or would not have?

5. Doesn't Your officer on duty whose safe was stolen yesterday wish he...out all the money before he went to sleep?
-had drawn, would draw or would have drawn?
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