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Hi friends,

My cousin will study abroad next month so, I am currently looking for housemates for him. I was searching the related websites and I came across a word that I could not find an exact meaning in my dictionary.

The word is sublet.

It has two meanings; as verb and noun. I know the meaning of this word as a verb; lease or rent all or part of (a leased or rented property) to another person.

But as noun I only have sample sentences like these:

Sublet must be quiet, neat and clean.
View sublets wanted.

What does it mean?

Thank you.
  • liliput

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    U.K. English
    Technically, the noun refers to the lease of the property, but I would guess from the context that the noun in these examples either refers to the subtenant to whom the property is being sublet, or to the property itself.
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