Subliminal effect

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14. Subliminal: below the threshold of conscious perception. Limen is a Latin word meaning “threshold.”
a. The subliminal effect of the rapidly-flashed pictures of popcorn was that the audience headed for the refreshment counter.
b. In our art gallery we rely on soft music and incense to create a subliminal appeal.

(There is no more context)
Source: 601 Words you need to know, Fourth Edition

by Murray Bromberg and Julius Liebb, unit1,

lesson 6 (Social Science), page 32.

Hello teachers,

As you know, Subliminal means: affecting your mind in a way that you are not conscious of.
What do the bold written words (subliminal effect) mean exactly?

Many thanks in advance.
  • morior_invictus

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    The cause (the rapidly-flashed pictures of popcorn) -----> the effect (the audience headed for the refreshment counter).

    Subliminal signals from popcorn pictures were sensed by the subconscious mind and led to buying (this was the subliminal result / effect).
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