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If an event happens to bring back a fond memory of a scent, what would you call this? Would it be fair to say: "the picture invoked a subliminal sense of the flower's fragrance"?

Subliminal: below the threshold of consciousness or apprehension

It doesn't exactly fit the definition, since the person is conscious, but does it convey my intended meaning, or is there another word?
  • Myridon

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    "The picture evoked the flower's fragrance." is sufficient. Notice that I used "evoke" rather than "invoke".


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    If you were aware of it, it obviously was not "subliminal." Go with Myridon's suggestion.

    subliminal /səˈblɪmɪn(ə)l/
    ▶adjective Psychology (of a stimulus or mental process) perceived by or affecting someone's mind without their being aware of it.


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    Oxford Advanced Dict. says

    invoke (V)
    5- to make somebody have a particular feeling or imagine a particular scene.
    SYN: Evoke

    -> The opening paragraph invokes a vision of England in the early of Middle Ages.
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