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  1. mileurista New Member

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    Podria explicarme alguien que significa submission?

    Mas concretamente, su significado en esta linea:

    The Protocol is designed for the submission of now-playing and recent historical track data.
  2. Lope Cervantes Senior Member

    Dominican Republic
    Spanish, English
    Hola Mileurista:

    ¨Submission¨ significa ¨Presentaciön, propuesta, sumisión¨. Haga su elección. Adiós,

    Lope Cervantes.
  3. zumac Senior Member

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    USA: English & Spanish
    Submission (in this context) is the act of submitting something to another for decision, consideration, etc.

  4. mileurista New Member

    Spaniard spanish
    Vielen Dank!

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