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    Buenas a todos. Quería saber si alguien me puede echar una mano con esta frase:

    We feel it would not be appropiate to release him into the community when he´s a sex offender. Submitted, Your Honor.

    Pensamos que no sería apropiado liberarle en la comunidad cuando es un acosador sexual. Presentado, Su Señoría.

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    Welcome to the forum. It would be helpful for you to read the rules that are set forth in the FAQ. There you will see that context is always needed, the more, the better.

    I am going to guess and say that this statement was made in court by the prosecution. I am also going to guess that the prosecution concluded the argument to the court with that statement.

    The meaning here is that the prosecution is submitting the case to the judge for decision without further argument. Unfortunately, I don't know if there is an equivalent term used by lawyers in courts in Spanish-speaking countries.
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    Hola: si se tratase de un proceso oral diría: "para que conste".
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    Sí, se trata de un proceso oral. ¡¡Gracias!!
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