Suboficial Mayor (r) [del Ejército de Chile]


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I am translating documents from Chile about paramilitary activity in 1973, and I keep running into the rank of "Suboficial Mayor", which I don't know how to translate into U.S. English.

The WR dictionary defines "suboficial" as "noncommissioned officer".

The DRAE definition clarifies what a "suboficial mayor" is:
1. com. Militar de categoría intermedia entre las de oficial y tropa, que comprende los grados de sargento, sargento primero, brigada, subteniente y suboficial mayor.

~ mayor.
1. com. Mil. Militar con el grado superior de la categoría de suboficial, inmediatamente superior al subteniente e inferior al alférez.
However, neither of these helps me determine how to translate "Suboficial Mayor (r)" into English. I also cannot imagine what the "(r)" indicates.

If anyone can help me I will be immeasurably grateful.

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