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Hola: tengo problemas para encontrar la traduccion de la palabra SUBOFICIAL. En Argentina, en el cuerpo del ejército los rangos son los siguentes, de menor a mayor:
- Voluntario de 1º
- Voluntario de 2º
- Voluntario "en Comisión"
- Cabo
- Cabo Primero
- Sargento
- Sargento Primero
- Sargento Ayudante
- Suboficial Principal
- Suboficial mayor
- Subteniente
- Teniente
- Teniente Primero
- Capitán
- Mayor
- Teniente Coronel
- Coronel.... etc.
Espero que puedan ayudarme. Muchas gracias
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    I think if you have answers, you should go ahead and give them. Awuada may no longer be around, but you´re on a roll tonight, go for it. Then the information will always be searchable.


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    Since a senior member asked me to go ahead because I am on a roll tonight, I will accept the invitation and rather than giving specific answers, I will share with all you a suggestion. This is what we do at the Department of Defense. Ranks in all branches, including Police Departments and Coast Guards from all over the world are not the same. However, the do have US equivalency; look for just that. Translating it is not always the best choice in this case. Let me give you an example and excuse my lack of tildes, I can't with this laptop. Let's take the first rank in the US Navy Officer structure, Ensign. In El Salvador, Argentina and Colombia, he is a "Teniente de Corbeta," in other countries, he is simply an "Alferez," in Honduras and the Dominican Republic, he is an "Alferez de Fragata" and in Uruguay, he is a "Guardia Marina". But the concept (rank) is just one in the US, an Ensign. Look for US equivalents, not translations. This is part of my daily bread at work; it's frustrating at times coming up with the right name, rank or "translation" if you will, but that is how we do it.


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    In this specialized type of vocabulary, be it legal, trying to determine what type of judge corresponds to what type of judge, ... it can get quite tricky.

    That said, you don´t need "permission" from a "senior" member to post. The only thing you need is knowledge.

    I would understand from your message, that you are serving in the US military, and that you have elected, or been chosen, to pursue specialized studies in languages. While you are here, you can just relax and post anything you want that´s relevant. There´s no hierarchy, unless you cross a moderator that thinks differently than you do. In that case, read the forum rules, and try to respect the moderator.


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    Absolutely, I understand I don't need "permission" from a senior member, it was just a little innocent humor in my response, not intended to offend anyone. Thank you for your reply, this is my first language forum again since college. Best wishes.
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