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I am translating a health insurance policy. The term Subrogation lien appears in the following sentence, as part of the description of Subrogation in the "Claims" chapter.

The Insured further agrees that in the event that the Plan has reason to believe that the Plan may have a subrogation lien, the Plan may require the Insured to complete a subrogation questionnaire, sign an acknowledgment of the Plan’s Subrogation rights and an agreement to provide ongoing information; before the Plan pays, or continues payments of claims according to its terms and conditions.

Here is my attempt to translating it:
L'assuré convient également que au cas où le plan a des raisons de croire qu'il peut avoir une charge/attache de subrogation, le plan peut exiger que l'assuré [...]

Here is a definition for lien that I found here:
A lien is a charge imposed upon specific property and is a claim, encumbrance, or charge on property for payment of some debt, obligation or duty and a tie that binds the property to a debt or claim for its satisfaction. A lien transfers all or part of one’s property, interest, or rights to another. One who pays off a mortgage or encumbrance of a principal debtor may be entitled to subrogation if the entire mortgage debt is paid."

En avance, merci de votre aide !
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    Is there a reason that you don't like the standard translations of lien? The GDT also suggests privlège for the insurance context.
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