Substantial training


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I'm trying to translate the following into French, and I am definitely stuck:
"I have received substantial training in [subject]"

My problem is, yet again, with "training"; here is my go at the moment:
"J'ai reçu une éducation/formation/enseignement/?? considérable sur [sujet]"

Context: it is for a job application. The subject I am saying I received substantial training on, is not the main subject of my studies (I wasn't officially studying that subject), however within the context of my studies, I also received lots of training on it as well - so I am not sure how fitting "éducation" would be here. Oh, I am equally unsure about everything else in this sentence as well, don't get me wrong; I am badly stuck! :eek:

If anyone could help, I'd be grateful.
  • Argyll

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    I think you need to translate the 'have received' part, so: 'j'ai reçu une formation assez approfondie en...'

    EDIT: just seen Wunibald's post : 'conséquente' is a good choice.
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