substitute for "unlucky accident"

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In March of 2011, when she had her injured foot operated on, the family including myself thought it was just an unlucky accident but only recently have we found out it was the result of her insane husband’s _______ after he got drunk.

Hi, I have a two-fold question.

The first one has to do with the bold-printed phrase which I am trying to replace with more suitable and tasteful expression.
I would appreciate it if any English experts out there with the Shakespearean caliber of vocabulary could reach deep down in your vocab jar and help me find more native-like expressions than "unlucky accident" which sounds corny even on my non-native ears..

How does "bad luck" sound, as in "...myself thought she just had a bad luck but..." ?

Secondly, I would like to ask for a good expression that would fit well into the blank.
(I could only think of the word like "rampage" but I am sure there is a better expression out there. I need HELP.)

Um.. what about "hell raising"?

Thanks in advance.
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