subtitutes of "flatter somebody".


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I'm trying to find substitutes of the idiom "flatter somebody". For example, I know he's trying to flatter the boss. Can I express it in other ways? I prefer more populous expressions in modern English.
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    It's very common to say, "She's hitting on her boss" or "She's coming on to her boss" or "She's flirting with her boss".
    That's if she wants to have sex with the boss. If she's trying to flatter him but the conversation is non-sexual, she could be brown-nosing or sucking up.


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    "Hitting on", "coming on to" and "flirting" all have sexual connotations.

    For simple flattery rather than offers of sex, I might use, "He's buttering up the boss".


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    Oh, okay, I wasn't sure if the original poster was trying to get something around those lines. If it's just brown-nosing then "to butter up the boss", like ewhite said, is a good idiom :)
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