subtrahend, minuend, addend, sum, multiplicand, multiplier, product, quotient

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I want to make signs in Spanish for my elementary class that say addend + addend = sum, Subtrahend-minuend = difference muliplicand X multiplier = product, dividend divided by divisor = quotient but I can't seem to find some of the words anywhere. Mil gracias a quien me puede ayudar con esta traducción.
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    sumando +(más) sumando= suma/resultado de la suma
    minuendo - (menos) sustraendo= resto o diferencia
    multiplicando/factor x (por) multiplicando/factor= producto
    Dividendo dividido por divisor= cociente

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    Mexico / Español
    addend + addend = sum
    sumando + sumado = suma (or) total
    the + signal is called "más"

    minuend-substrahend = difference
    minuendo - sustraendo = difference
    the "-" signal is called "menos"

    muliplicand X multiplier = product
    mutiplicando X multiplicador = producto
    the X signal is called "por"

    dividend divided by divisor = quotient b
    dividendo / divisor = cociente
    the / signal is called "entre"

    Note: I changed the order of the minuend and substrahend because if I remember well the "first" number is the minuend,.... don'tr trust me so much, I learnt that soooooooooooo many many years ago ;)


    Castellano (Argentina)
    For the sake of the best understanding, let me add some different expresion that is also said in Argentina:

    dividend divided by divisor = quotient b
    dividendo / divisor = cociente
    the / sign is called "entre" (en Argentina en cambio se dice "sobre" o "dividido", ejemplo 4/5 es: 4 divido 5 o tambien 4 sobre 5) )

    Nota: no tengo tildes en este teclado, perdon.

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