successful novelists have got the best gig in the creative arts

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Stephen Schmidt

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From my admittedly prejudiced standpoint, successful novelists--even modestly successful novelists--have got the best gig in the creative arts. It's true that people buy more CDS than books, go to more movies, and watch a lot more TV. But the arc of productivity is longer for novelists, perhaps because readers are a little brighter than fans of the non-written arts, and thus have marginally longer memories. David Soul of Starsky and Hutch is God knows where, same with that peculiar white rapper Vanilla Ice, but in 1994, Herman Wouk, James Michener, and Norman Mailer were all still around; talk about when dinosaurs walked the earth.
Hi, everyone.
This is from Bag of Bones by Stephen King.

WHAT I UNDERSTOOD: In this paragraph, I've understood that novelists have better jobs than others regarding
creative arts and readers have longer memories and are brighter than non-readers. S.K. here is underestimating guys who people like most
who have nothing to do with writing or reading--guys like Vanilla Ice and David Soul, etc. And once more he is ennobling writers such as those mentioned
in the paragraph. But what's about dinosaurs? Is it what the writers wrote books about?

Is what I said right? Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance.
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