such a bad weather vs such bad weather

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Hi all,
Could you please explain to me which the correct answer is? Thanks in advance.

Question 37: We couldn’t go out because the weather was so bad.

A. It was so bad a weather that we couldn’t go out.
B. It was such a bad weather that we couldn’t go out.
C. It was so bad weather that we couldn’t go out.
D. It was such bad weather that we couldn’t go out.

Personally I think the correct answer is B not D.

P/s: In Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, I find this example: Did you have a good time at the party?
(Is the word "time" an uncountable noun?)
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    'Time' can be countable but 'weather' isn't, so we can't talk about 'a weather' nor can we use weather in the plural.

    Pray not to live in interesting times.
    I agree with Hermione, who apparently endorses D.

    Time can be either uncountable or not, so your attempted analogy does not work.

    Cambridge for countable, gives this:

    time noun (OCCASION)
    [ C ] an occasion when something happens, or the experience connected with it:

    The last time we went to Paris, it rained every day.
    Every time/Each time I ask you to do something you say you're busy.
    They go swimming three or four times a week.

    Also, this may be relevant:

    time noun (PERIOD)
    [ S or U ] a particular period of time for which something has been happening, or that isneeded for something:

    After a time, it became clear that nobody was interested in coming to the meetings.

    They stayed with us for a short time.
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    Thank you for your posting. It's really useful to me.

    Thank you so much.
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