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Is there any fine difference between like and such as or can they be used interchangeably?
1.person such as X
2.Person like X
3.practices such as these
4.practices like these
  • InsultComicDog

    USA, English
    In a lot of cases they can be used interchangeably. Not always, though.

    I want to be a rich man like Bill Gates.

    (You would never use "such as" for that sentence.)


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    I see different meanings. Like means similar to or in imitation of; such as means for example or in the same category as. Very similar things/persons may be in the same category - thus the seeming interchangeability.

    1.person such as X = person, for example X
    2.Person like X = person similar to X
    3.practices such as these = practices of this type (these are examples)
    4.practices like these = practices similar to these
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