Such as myself, such as me, such as I

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  1. kopo Member

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    Which of the following is grammatically correct?

    People such as myself are...
    People such as I are...
    People such as me are...

    Google results point to the first as the most popular, but I suspect it's not actually technically correct.
  2. Toadie

    Toadie Senior Member

    People such as I are...

    The nominative case is the correct one in this... case (sorry for the redundancy, hope it doesn't cause any confusion.).
  3. spodulike

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    "myself" is often used by some native speakers of English when they don´t know whether to used "I" or "me". However the correct use of "myself" is in reflexive verbs, e.g. "I prepared myself for the exam"

    The difficulty in deciding between "I" and "me" is understandable. Consider the following example:

    "God gives his mercy to such as I"
    "God gives his mercy to such as me"

    On the face of it we might expect the second to be correct because God is giving his mercy "to me". However we must take into account the true origin and meaning of the phrase "such as I". If we consider it to be an abbreviation for "such a person as I am" then all becomes clear.

    "God gives his mercy to such a person as I am " :tick:
    "God gives his mercy to such a person as me am" :cross:
    "God gives his mercy to such a person as myself am" :cross:

    Despite the above, many people will write "such as me" as a form of hypercorrection.
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  4. Bevj

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    I suspect that 'people such as myself are....' is more commonly used because 'people such as I are' sound so ugly even if technically correct.
    Personally I would always say 'God gives his mercy to such as me'.
  5. spodulike

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    I have to admit that, in normal speech, I would say the same. I think this goes to show that English is always evolving. For example in England these days one almost never hears the word "whom".


    "Who will you see tomorrow"
    "Whom will you see tomorrow"

    The latter is "correct" but most educated people that I know would use the former.
  6. panjandrum

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    From the OED:
    The clause introduced by as may be reduced to the subj. only; when this is a pron., it may be either nom. or acc., e.g. ‘such as me’ or ‘such as I’​
    There is one example quoted from 1412.
    That's good enough for people such as me.
  7. e2efour Senior Member

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    I recommend you avoid using I in such phrases.
    People such as myself seems to be the most common expression and is perfectly respectable English. It also sounds natural. I have seen People such as I in writing, but it sounds/looks rather artificial to me.

    Such as can be used instead of like. People like myself or People like me are fine and can be used in writing or speech. But NOT People like I.
  8. Tiege New Member

    English - USA
    In my opinion, "such as" is equivalent to "like" where like is a preposition. So I would say either "such as me" (or, "such as myself"). However, I'd recommend using "like" with personal pronouns, and reserve "such as" for lists of items.

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