such as planning out a series of chess moves


Does "planning out a series of chess moves" belong to "limited scenarios"? Or belong to "more dynamic narratives"? I think it is the former. But I am not absolutely sure.

Thanks in advance

GANs’ content-generating capabilities are a good start when it comes to developing AI that can solve real-world problems, says Ian Goodfellow, a staff research scientist at Google and lead author of the 2014 paper that first described the concept of GANs. Goodfellow has been working on machine-learning models to let computers invent more dynamic narratives, which could go beyond limited scenarios such as planning out a series of chess moves—something computers have done extremely well for decades.

-Scientific American

  • Barque

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    Planning out a series of chess moves is an example of a limited scenario, as indicated by the words "such as".
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