Suffer from neglect

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Hello everyone,

Context: Here in Brazil, we are going through a hard time economically, and there are many cities and states all over the country that mayors, governors and authorities in general just don't take care of the way they are supposed to (and paid for). My question: does the phrase "suffer from neglect" sound natural/correct in the examples I made below?

a. That city is suffering from neglect. There are no hospitals, the schools are in bad condition, etc.
b. The State of São Paulo is suffering from neglect. There is too much violence, too many cases of Dengue Fever, etc.
c. Look! That park is suffering from neglect. It used to be so beautiful. Now it looks horrible.

Definition of ''neglect'': lack of attention or care that someone or something needs. [Merriam-Webster]
Definition of "suffer from": to go through. [my definition]

Thank you in advance!
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    c.) is certainly fine. In general, I think "suffering from neglect" works best when you're specific, so the other two are possible but I suspect we would want more information. For example, "the infrastructure of the city is suffering from neglect."
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