suffer of or suffer from

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    Hi all

    I've always used "suffer from something" , but today, I heard someone say "if you're a suffer OF allergies...".
    The question is: Are there any difference between Suffer of and suffer from?.

    I've googled and also I've come across suffer of love, suffer of depression, suffer from anxiety, etc.

    Could you clarify this for me, please?

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    Hello. I have never heard 'to suffer of.' In my opinion this is incorrect. You suffer from something/a disease.
    I suffer from hay fever and many other allergies. (Also: I have hay fever and other allergies.)

    She suffers from depression/severe anxiety.
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    I second everything in kayokid's post.

    However, you did hear correctly, basically. The speaker must have said sufferer (persona que sufre). For several reasons, it would be easy not to hear that last syllable.

    Hope that helps!
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    Yes, Thanks, he said if you're a sufferER of.... Now, that makes sense!

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